Azure – Create a Billing Alarm (Cost Management)

Azure – Create a Billing Alarm (Cost Management)

Mark May 24, 2020

It is easy to fall foul of consuming too much and having to pay large Azure bills if you are not careful. One way of managing this usage is to create Billing alarms … here is how you can do it …

From the Microsoft Portal, go to the “Cost Management + Billing” blade, from here click on “Cost Management”

Click on “Budget”

In the “Budget” Screen click on “New”, Select you Scope (Subscription) and name your report (no spaces, in the name). You can also select the frequency and if the report expires on this screen as well.

Input your budget, here I have put $2.5 … as this is my spending money for the month. Click next at the bottom,

What percentage would you like to be alerted at? Below I have created 2 alert conditions, 75% and 100% of my spending money been spent. You will need to input an email address

Click “create” at the bottom to create the alert.

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