(Google Admin) – Setting Home/startup on Chrome browsers

(Google Admin) – Setting Home/startup on Chrome browsers

Mark May 21, 2020

Gone are the days where IT departments could firmly dig their heels in the sand and refuse to allow users to install alternative browsers to the beloved Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome Browser has become a staple to users work or home PC’s and Laptops, but through Google Admin, IT departments the ability to manage these settings.

Here is how you can set a users home page and start-up page for users managed in the Google Admin Console …

From the Google Admin Dashboard ..

  • Go to “Devices” > ”Chrome management”
  • Click on “User & Browser settings”
  • You can apply these setting at the company or at individual OU level.
  • Under “Startup” you can change the settings with your URL
    • Homepage – Will set the home button (this needs to be enabled on the browser) See picture 4
    • “Pages to load on startup” – This is the URL which will appear when opening a Chrome browser.

These changes will affect users google accounts are set up in “Google Admin”, signed in to their Chromebook or Chrome browser.

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