Got any of those golden tickets bro? –

Got any of those golden tickets bro? –

Mark July 7, 2021

I am really enjoying been part of the Cyber Security community, but if you make a game that resembles the Crystal Maze and Cyber Security … I am going to flip out !!!!!

The lovely people at have done just that!

Now I am going to be straight with you …. pappy needz hiz fix, I am writing this blog to try and win more gold tickets…

… But I have writern and used in the past and the platform, I can honestly credit the site as a major reason I moved into Cyber Security as a career.

It started last year when searching for Security training to help build a IT Security Policy for a company I was working for, I was looking at ways of understanding the lower level details and skills needed in modern day Cyber Security.

I came across an event that the University or New Haven was hosting on the platform called “TryHackCIT”, this was a simlar event to Pre Security event pathway that is available. or click on my referral link

The course is roughly 40 hours of study time and is split in to 5 tasks, each of the tasks will have different rooms.

If we use Linux Fundamentals as an example it has 3 rooms, once you have gone through the content and answered the questions in all 3 rooms, you have completed the “task”… simple!

While you complete your rooms and tasks, I sit in front of my monitor waiting for the lovely, lovely tickets to fill up.

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In your first task you take on the role of an elite hacker, there is no time to ask question, throw on your darkest colour hoody and lets get to work!

You have been assigned very important task to indetify vulnerabilities that exsit on the very popular socail media site “BookFace”.

I need you to find any weaknesses in the site which could be used to hack users on facebook so we can stop the evil hackers know as BlackHats. These guys keep deleting all of my fav cat memes and videos from my feed and this needs to stop !

Sound exciting right ?

The room guides you through your challenge and also if you are struggling you can ask for hints.

How much does it cost? it is free!!

The team have some amazing free content and to get access to the premium content is it less than a bowl of noodles from Wagamama.

Enroll today and start learning … again … for freeeeeeeeeeee!!! …

You can also help support my pretend golden ticket adiction by clicking on this link …