Installing tools for Kali from Github

Installing tools for Kali from Github

Mark December 13, 2020

Want to install some of the cool tools from Github for your Kali machine? … Here is how you do it.

First you will need to head to the Github page to grab the application URL … in this example, I am using “Pimpmykali” – is a script that fixes the new version kali builds (version 19+)

Once you have copied the link, on your Kali machine, open a terminal …

  • sudo su- (to switch to root)
  • cd /opt (opt is a folder for downloads and installs )
  • git clone … this will clone the GitHub directory.
  • cd pimpmykali … this is where the script has been downloaded ( .opt/pimpmykali )
  • type ./ … press 0 to fix all issues.

… and that is it.