PowerAutomate – Social Distance Solution

PowerAutomate – Social Distance Solution

Mark May 7, 2020

I am impressed with Microsoft PowerAutomate and PowerApps and how it has helped us in these strange times. As an example, I have created a form so our users can log what office items (Chairs, footstools other items not in an IT asset registry system) they have taken home to work more comfortably.

I have set up a PowerAutomate task which extracts the entries to a spreadsheet and then emails the Admin Team with the time, data and office the user will be picking up the equipment.

If a user turns up at the office and has not filled in the form, “Microsoft Forms” lets you generate a QR code. We have printed this off and put this in reception so a user can easily find and fill in the form without using communal pens/paper helping our staff keep a safe distance.

Here is a my course on creating this solution

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